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Intellectual Property

All the Services, features, content and functionality is the exclusive property of ShareIt and the licensors of this app and will remain their property till the end.

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If you will breach the Terms then we will suspend your use to our website instantly without even alerting you or giving you a limit or any chance without giving any reason to you.

All the services, which are mentioned in the Terms and are not followed by any user, will turn into termination without any limitation, warranty disclaimer, ownership provisions, limitation of liability and indemnity.


To use the service depend on you and only you are responsible for it. The base of the service is on the terminology “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE”. Every service which is available to you is without any warranty, neither express and nor implied.

So using the site is totally at your own risk.

Governing Law

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In case if we fail to meet any right or provision of these Terms then it does not means that all the rights are waived by us. If anyone of the provision of these terms is not acceptable then it does not means that the other conditions are also not accepted. The agreement, which is done between you and us regarding the service mentioned in these Terms can be changed or modified anytime.


Keep in mind we have the authority to make changes and to alter these Terms any time. For you ease before making any changes in the content we will inform you a month before any modification to keep you update. The material that will be changed will be in our consideration.

After the content is changed and you continue to access our website then it is restricted for you to agree to the terms of the website. If you are not ok with the terms then don’t use the service anymore.

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